October 27

10:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. Collect bib and race pack at Royal Park Rajapruek, Chiang Mai

October 28

5:00 A.M. Half Marathon start time
5:20 A.M. Open ceremony
6:00 A.M. Mini Marathon start time
6:30 A.M. Fun Run and Satit Fun Run start time
8:00 A.M. Awards Presentation Ceremony
9:00 A.M. Race event close

Rules and Regulations

Runners must agree to the following rules and regulations

  1. The event will comply with the laws of Thailand.
  2. In addition to the Event Regulations, the event will adhere to the Race Regulations and the Entry Regulations.
  3. To ensure safety, runners must obey all safety codes provided by the event organizer. Runners are voluntarily participating in the race with the knowledge of dangers involved and hereby agree to accept any and all inherent risks or property damage, personal injury or death. The event organizer will not be liable to any detriments caused by training or during the race. Runners are advised to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before applying and participating in the event.
  4. The event organizer will take no responsibility or liability to any detriment for followings incidents: (a) Illness or other accidents (The event organizer will prepare doctors, nurses, volunteers and safety officers in case of emergency), (b) Loss or damage of personal property, (c) Delay to the race caused by uncontrollable circumstances
  5. To ensure safety, the event organizer will enforce appropriate regulations over the race and related area.
  6. Runners must obey the instructions from the event organizers and the race committees. Otherwise, he or she may be disqualified from the race.
  7. Runners are obliged to review notices and information provided by the event organizer before and during the race.
  8. Copyrights of images, photographs, videos, audios, articles, race statistics and their usage rights for newspapers, the Internet, TV broadcasting, magazines, belongs to the event organizer. Runners are allowed to use his or her own images, videos and audios without getting permission from the event organizer. However, the event organizer does not allow the use of race media for commercial means.

Race Regulations

The event organizer does not permit any runners to participate in the race who is in violation of the event rules, other laws and regulations, or public order and morals, as well as safety instructions. If a runner disobeys any of these, the event organizer may prohibit him or her from participating in the event, the race, or disqualify them from the race.

  1. The event organize reserves the right to limit or refuse entries without reason.
  2. Runners who commence the race before the official signal from the event organizer for his or her distance will be disqualified from the race
  3. Runners must start running on the commencing signal. Any delay over 15 minutes will be regarded as incorrect race type and result in disqualification from the race.
  4. Runners must attach the bib on a clearly visible position. The event organizer will not allow runners without a bib to pass the start or finish line.
  5. Runners must run along the outlined race course (following the directional arrows and signs). Using shortcuts is not allowed.
  6. Assisting on runners can be done only at the dedicated resting area. No assistance is allowed on the race course.
  7. Runners must terminate the race immediately if the event organizer announce the race termination.
  8. Runners must not dress in clothing or wearing gear that may harm other runners.
  9. Runners must not dress inappropriately or in clothing that is unpleasant to other runners, spectators, public order or morals, such as revealing inappropriate body parts, political or religious profanity, or advertisement.
  10. Runners must not use articles or make sounds which may confuse other runners with the commencing signal.
  11. Bicycle, skateboard, stroller, trolley, roller or other running equipment which has wheels are not allowed on the race course.
  12. Runners must not perform any acts which may cause a delay to the race or obstructing the race.
  13. Runners must stop or make way for emergency vehicles or safety staff.
  14. Runners must strictly obey instructions from assistive officers or race committees.
  15. Winners are determined by finish time.
  16. All winners must report and show their citizen ID cards, passports or other cards issued by governmental units with a citizen ID and a photo to the event organizer within the time limit. Failing to do so will result in losing of the position.
  17. Other unstated regulations will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF).
  18. The decision of the race committees is final. Any appeals must be raised within 30 minutes after the unofficial announcement. Appealers must pay 1,000 Baht as a pledge which will be returned if the appeal is accomplished.
  19. Runners must collect the race pack which includes a bib, a shirt as well as other documents on the announced date and time. Otherwise, the event organizer will assume ownership of the pack and may redistribute, reuse or dispose of as appropriate.
  20. Runners must collect a race medal immediately after finishing the race course.
  21. In case of storage service, the event organizer will take no responsibility or liability to any detriment from losing or damaging of articles or money of the runners.

Entry Regulations

The event organizer may reject or cancel applicants who do not read and agree upon the Event Regulations and Race Regulations. Applicants must fill in the official or online forms, provide essential information to the event organizer, and agree upon all terms and regulations.

  1. Multiple applications for the race entry by the same applicant is prohibited. The applicants are also not allowed to use another individual’s information to apply for the race.
  2. After the completion of the application, the applicants cannot pass their rights to race to other individuals.
  3. Falsifying name, date of birth, gender, nationality, residence, other essential information, or related documents is strictly prohibited.
  4. Applicants are not allowed to change their information after the confirmation. Thus, they are obliged to carefully review all the information before submitting the application.
  5. Certain PCs, laptops, tables, mobile phones, browser and operating systems may cause errors on the application system. The event organizer will not be responsible for uncertainties from of these equipment as well as delay caused by the Internet connection.
  6. The event organizer will not verify correct delivery of email and will not be liable to any detriments caused by undelivered email. Applicants are oblige to verify the application result by checking their own email or on the event’s web site.
  7. Since there are many applicants, the event organizer may not be able to answer all inquiries on the status of individual registration.
  8. Runners who do not use their own bib are ineligible for the awards. The event organizer will not be responsible for any detriments from substitute runners.
  9. A proxy can collect the race package for another runner only if a copy of the runner’s ID card, passport, or other photo IDs issued by governmental units which match the information in the application is presented to the event organizer.
  10. There will be no registration for race pack on the race day.
  11. The event organizer reserves the rights to not refund the entry fee in case of a delay or cancellation of the event due to natural disasters or other incidents beyond the control of the event organizer.
  12. The event organizer will not compensate or be liable to any detriments related in incomplete application or inaccurate applicant information.